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Hollywood Gamer Glee-k Club includes Megan Fox & Horrible Bosses Jason Sudeikis


Share this feature! TweetThe latest generation of Computer Games, amplified with the launch this years PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, have acquired millions of users globally with the likes Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare, leading the pack. But it isn’t just exclusively for Geek-Boys in their Bedrooms or dorms! Oh no! Celebs just can’t help themselves getting hooked and in some cases, they reign champions over their 15 year old fans. More interestingly, its as much about the girl-celebs as it is the testosterone GTA5 males, who lead the Hollywood pack. We have everything from Hollywood Celebrity Gamers clubs being formed to Famous Girlfriends being abandoned and no one is excluded, not even Selena Gomez, who cited her lover at one time, Zac Efron as spending more time with his “Gamer pals” than her! Mrs Ashton Kutcher, aka Mila Kunis was probably playing the hardcore wargame Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare, to pass the time away, while she was carrying her first baby!! Mila is already renown for being quite a feisty Russian speaking Ukrainian, who is not someone to mess around with, should you get at her back up, in a press conference! Prior ... Read More »

Jessica Chastain Mans-Up with Matt Damon for Ridley Scott’s THE MARTIAN while remaining YSL’s Face for their Perfume Range

Jessica_Chastain in bed

Share this feature! TweetSeems every Movie blockbuster needs to have three key ingredients right now. Firstly, focus on “epic space journeys” & you wont go wrong, preferably involving a trip to Mars or landing on a Comet. Secondly, get Ridley Scott to be Director, he of the Alien Trilogy, Prometheus trilogy (it WILL be a trilogy), Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, yada yada…. Then thirdly, either get Jessica Chastain or Matt Damon to be in it, preferably both. Jessica is the thinking man’s pin-up girl, who attitude transcend on screen, empowering women to lead the FBI & take out Osama, while wearing a deep rouge, almost blood-like lipstick hue & light blusher over a freckled-faced Angelic look. Well Matt and Jessica both took home healthy wage slips for Interstellar (Matt makes a surprise cameo as an Evil Scientist & he WAS evil!), So here they are rekindled again only this time in a (wait for it…) Ridley Scott Adventure, who in-between Prometheus 2 pre-production, films an epic about a lonely astronaut left on Mars, titled “The Martian’. Little information is available on what we can expect but Damon’s sci-fi adventures also getting him a new found audience to (sic Interstellar, ... Read More »

Benedict Cumberbatch Star’s rising! Now its ‘Black Mass’ alongside Johnny Depp in 2015


Share this feature! TweetBenedict Cumberbatch is to star in a new film opposite Johnny Depp called Black Mass, as the man of the moment is slowly rising his game and presence amongst the Hollywood Elite. In line for an Oscar Nomination for his portrayal of Alan Turing in the Imitation Game, launched in November 2014, re-enacts the gay Scientist and Mathematician who cracked the Enigma code during World War 2, potentially swinging the war in favour of the allies, as they learnt in advance of all German armies movements. Keira Knightley also co-stars with Cumberbatch in the Imitation Game as his muse, who has been publicly expressing her admiration of Cumberbatch as a true artist at work and probably one of the greatest of his generation. He definitely is old school and part of the new wave of Brit Actors cleaning up Hollywood for roles, where they seem to exude more depth and unpredictability than their American counterparts.Even his portrayal as a modern day Sherlock Holmes got him rave reviews Stateside, with his sidekick, the ever trusting Watson, played by The Hobbit’s Martin Freeman. In Black Mass Cumberbatch plays the role of Senator Bill Bulger, brother of Whitely Bulger ... Read More »

Rachel McAdams lands Fairytale role along with HBO’s True Detective

14 - 1-2

Share this feature! TweetRachel McAdams is currently filming a controversial film in Toronto entitled Spotlight with Mark Ruffalo (The Incredible Hulk, amongst many other roles) whilst recently picking up a national award in her native country of Canada on what is titled ‘The Walk of Fame’ alongside her long time friend & fellow Native Canadian Bradley Cooper.   Rachel has a chameleon-like look in the many roles she portrays and can do from Sexy to Substance, from one movie to the next, she’s become an easy Hollywood pick for major films. She is said to be locking down a lead role in season 2 of HBO’s True Detective. If that isn’t enough, Rachel is to star in an all-star cast in pre-production for The little Prince, the famous fairy story, alongside the mercurial and magical James Franco and Marion Cotillard (another Reelkandi girl). in-between she takes on limited modelling contracts by global sponsors, but for 2015, this is going to be her year we feel.   Share this feature! Tweet Read More »

Interstellar continues to dominate box office with Sci-Fi All star Cast

Intersteller space ship good poster

Share this feature! TweetWhile we couldn’t get Christopher Nolan to make another Batman epic, which he turned into the greatest Grossing film franchise of all time, he’s been spending his energies on a fantasy league of stars with the release of the Interstellar, which is now being rumoured for various oscar nomination including Best Male, Best supporting Female, Best screenplay, Best cinematography & best Director.           The film breaks a few firsts with the largest ever Imax roll-out across Europe and USA, that’s “supersized screens” & “super” def film quality to us mere mortals. With all the Hollywood buzz is around Sci-Fi, its clearly back in vogue with the likes of (the currently being filmed) Starwars made by JJ Abrams (he of Lost and Star Trek), last years Gravity and studio confirmation that Promethius 2 is now in pre-production stage with an all star cast (remember the prequels to the Alien trilogy.  Interstellar finds us with a cast list featuring every major oscar nominee from the last few years in in this epic story, thats a cross between Gravity meets Promethius meets Avatar. You could just imagine how the Hollywood Execs pitched this particular film to the studios!  So who features in it? ... Read More »

Beyonce Sprinkles Fairy Magic onto Top Shop with Parkwood adventure


Share this feature! TweetIts all about the ‘Bey!’ Its not too surprising to see Beyonce get into the corporate-bed with Topshop, after sporting their clothes on several occasions on Tumblr, post her O2 shows in London, or maybe she already knew that her JV was on the way with Topshop in the form of her newly launching brand of Athleisure. Even Harvard University are holding lectures on the study of Beyonce and her world domination & how she maintain that success, continually. Beyonce tunes into her “business-head” forming what will become a totally new company with Phillip Green’s Topshop to launch what will be her first leisurewear/streetwear brand. The question is, why did the likes of  Macy’s and H&M (all of whom were on the shortlist for parterning with Bey) shy away from being her business partner? These brands have aspirations to get into this new apparel genre of Athleisure, which has been grown & developed by brands like Alexander Wang. The issue is that our Queen Bey, was holding out for creating a new private company where she gets no less than 50% of the new business profits, such was the hard bargain she drove, Phillip Green was all ears and wallet, after all she could ... Read More »

Taylor Swift shows her GeekPower to Spotify as she builds Biz Empire

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Share this feature! TweetTaylor Swift, our self confessed geekgirl has pulled the plug on her back catalogue of music streams through the monolithic and profit-grabbing Spotify much to the disappointment of the music industry. In a move that’s saying ‘we females need to take control, whilst record exec males metaphorically pat their bums, this little girl is a walking Native Advert for global brands & she knows it.  Taylor Swift first and foremost is a business woman. She knows that the Music Industry, will chew her up and spit her out over what may be a short lived career, financially speaking. With the record companies cozying up to Spotify & its global investors, everyone gains except the artist, who according to Taylor Swift are to be convinced music is disposable, therefore should be free, whilst the the real monies comes to the Spotify’s and Pandoras of this world in subscription or ad-funded, now joined by Youtube who have just hinted at launching their streaming service. Miss Swift’s message to Spotify is about not having profit ripped off the artists, especially (lets face it) semi-manufactured record company backed artists. But she is slowly claiming-back her leverage, as part writer and creative conceptual creative director on her own music videos and “Shake it ... Read More »

GRL Come fighting back after loss of Simone Battle with new single Lighthouse

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Share this feature! TweetGRL,  the U.S. girl supergroup born from the ashes of the Pussycat Dolls, with  both groups created & managed by Robin Antin. GRL released their strongest global hit to date Ugly Heart only to lose their lead singer, Simone Battle, to suicide, after suffering from clinical Depression, now having to pick up the pieces and combative strength to get back in the studio with a song dedicated to Battle titled ‘Lighthouse’. A snippet of the song was released on youtube by their Multi-grammy writer/producer Dr Luke,famed for producing and writing “I kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry, “Girlfriend” by Pink and anything decent that Kelly Clarkson has done in recent years including Since you’ve been gone & my life would suck without you as well as discovering the likes of Kesha. All well and good having the most successful Manager and producer in recent years, these seasoned girl-veterans have to overcome this personal tragedy and cover for the lost presence of the X-Factor  USA star, that Simone Battle made her name with, ironically with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini when she was in the early pilot shows, before being dismissed. Do not underestimate the talent left behind, where each girl could front their own band, if called upon & unlike the ... Read More »

Katy Perry turns her lovelife battles into a winning formula for success

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Share this feature! TweetKaty Perry never fails to raise the entertainment level on her tours, which are Disney-like events, this being the case with her Prismatic World Tour 2014. From lapdancing members of the audience on their birthday, to her current Australian tour, where she is pretty much the Madonna of her time in the land of Oz. Meanwhile New tattoos are always a sign of reclaiming your place in this world and what you stand for, in light of her failed marriage, which spawned her Grammy award winning album  Prism. That said, she seems to be continuing the struggle to be appreciated with her men right now, with the likes of international DJ Diplo and John Mayer have entered their autographs into Katy’s book of ex-boyfriends, but our Miss Perry is a powerful force to be reckoned with, at all levels and they perhaps are meeting their Match. Maybe she needs a little Pitbull to bring her back down to earth, yeah, get some Miami-Heat and Lovin’! As well as being an award nominated & winner for the MTV EMA awards (the Euro version of the American awards), Katy Perry is building her business empire up with pop-up shops around her live shows with exclusive lines in ... Read More »

Venus Fashion Goddess Programme: Whitney Port

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Venus Fashion Goddess Programme

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Fashion Bulletin

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Fashion Special – Sorapol

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Prem Beauty Boutique

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Prem Beauty Boutique

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